How to use the App?
The UnoRe V2 Investor App is finally live on Ethereum Rinkeby testnet! This page will guide users on how to operate and interact with our app.
Uno Re is multi-chain now. Cohort V1 consisting of Zeus, Athena and Artemis pool live on BSC and Uno V2 consisting the Poseidon pool is planned to launched on Ethereum Mainnet currently going live on the Rinkeby Testnet.
Before directly jumping in, kindly fill in your info in the whitelist form only after which you will be allowed to be a tester on the app and would be sent Mock UNO tokens on Rinkeby Testnet. The dispersals of the UNO tokens to testers will be done on a daily basis. Please also add Mock UNO in your wallet.
If you need ETH for usage on the Rinkeby Testnet, you can get it from the Chainlink faucet and the Official faucet. If you need Mock UNO on the Rinkeby Testnet please input the desired token amount infaucetToken function from the Mock UNO contract

Step 1

Go to the Uno Re Testnet dApp :
Uno Re for Investors Homepage

Step 2

Choose the Poseidon Pool, read the pool stats and click on the Stake now button and input the amount of Mock UNO you would like to stake.
Uno Re Investor App Stake Now Page
Note: Currently only Mock UNO is being used in the Poseidon pool. So it is advised for users to register in the whitelist form - so the Uno Re Tech Support team can issue test tokens. If you are having any trouble using your UNO tokens or want to request additional tokens you can drop a message to the moderators on our discord channel.

Step 3

After staking you can find your investment and reward details in the My Profile section of the website. In the profile section you can:‌
  • View and track your investments across various investment Pools
  • View and track the accrued rewards on your Investments
  • Withdraw the funds you have staked in various Pools along with the Rewards
Uno Re Investor App Portfolio Page

Withdrawal Requests

Uno Re V2 allows for dynamic staking and unstaking. When a user wishes to unstake his funds from the pool, he would have to put in a withdrawal request. This withdrawal request is processed in 10 days after which the user can transfer the permitted funds back to his wallet.
The 10 day delay is implemented keeping in mind the human delays caused in claims processing. In an event of a hack causing material loss to an UNO policy holder, UNO investors would be liable to pay out funds to compensate for the claims. If there would be no time delay in funds unstaking then it is possible for the investor to knowingly/unknowingly take out his funds leading to not compensating for any claim.
Step 1 Go to the My Profile section of the Uno Re dApp
Uno Re Investor App Portfolio Page
Step 2 Navigate to the investment you want to withdraw and click on the "Withdraw and Claim Reward" button
Users over here you can choose the path of unstaking from here. Users can either withdraw the entire stake with rewards or just unstake the rewards and keep participating in the staking pool.
Uno Re Investor App Withdraw stake button
Step 3 View the status of the withdrawal progress, when the funds are out of the unstaking period and are approved to be transferred, user can find it in the "Claim Period" section just besides the "Unstaking Period".
Uno Re Investor App Withdraw stake button
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