How to use the App?

The UnoRe Investor App is finally live on Binance Smart Chain testnet! This page will guide users on how to operate and interact with our app.

Before directly jumping in kindly please fill in your info in the whitelist form only after which you will be allowed to be a tester on the app and would be sent Mock USDC tokens on BSC Testnet. The dispersals of the USDC tokens to testers will be done on a daily basis.

If you need some BNB for usage on the BSC Testnet you can get it from the official faucet here.

Step 1

Go to the Uno Re testnet dapp :

Uno Re for Investors Homepage

Step 2

Choose the pool you would want to invest in and click on the Stake now button and input the amount of Mock USDC you would like to stake.

Uno Re Investor App Stake Now Page

You can choose from :

  • Zeus Pool

  • Athena Pool

  • Artemis Pools

Note: Currently only the Mock USDC is supported on the testnet app. So it is advised to users to please register in the whitelist form so that Uno Re Tech Support team can issue test tokens. If you are having any trouble using your USDC tokens or want to request additional tokens you can drop a message to the moderators on our discord channel.

Step 3

After staking you can find your investment and reward details in the profile section of the website. In the profile section you can:‌

  • View and track your investments across various Reinsurance Pools

  • View and track the accrued rewards on your Investments

  • Withdraw the funds you have staked in various Pools along with the Rewards

Uno Re Investor App Portfolio Page