LP Rewards Program


The UNO/ETH LP Staking program will begin from 14th June for a duration of 6 months.
The program hosted on the DeFi Wizard platform will not only incentivize more liquidity providers to add liquidity into the UNO-ETH liquidity pool but will also reduce the slippage for Uno traders and holders, benefiting both liquidity providers as well as traders.
The Staking program will encourage the community to participate in Uno trading, which will enhance the on-chain metric while also giving them an opportunity to earn fees and rewards when trading on the UNO/ETH pair.

Reward Distribution

To know about how to stake and earn rewards please follow the LP Staking guide below
  • Investors will receive their rewards at every Ethereum block confirmation (every 20 sec).
  • FREEDOM : Unstaking can happen anytime, that means investors will have full control of their funds at all times.
    APY : Annual Percentage Yield is the yield a staker will generate if an investor invests into the program for an entire year
    The total APY is dependent upon 2 things
    • Total amount of investment in the pool
    • Duration of rewards program.
  • The UnoRe Rewards program will run for an entire duration of 6 months accepting investors anytime throughout. Hence the APY will be attributed accordingly.

LP Staking Guide

Step 1: Visit: https://defiwizard.xyz/unore/staking and connect your wallet using MetaMask or dApp browser.
If accessing via smartphone, please visit the rewards page using the inbuilt browser present in your MetaMask mobile app, the dApp browser.
Step 2: Click on the ADD UNO-ETH Liquidity button or use the LINK to add liquidity.
Step 3: Make sure to have an equivalent amount of UNO and ETH in your wallet. You can get UNO from UNISWAP or KUCOIN.
Step 4: Supply the desired amount of UNO and ETH into the pool and click “SUPPLY”.
Step 5: Before you can add liquidity, you need to click “Approve”
Step 6: Once you add liquidity, you will receive Uniswap UNO-ETH UNI-V2 LP tokens in your MetaMask wallet.
Step 7: Return to UNO LPs rewards program https://defiwizard.xyz/unore/staking
Step 8: Simply Refresh the page, enter the amount of UNO-ETH UNI-V2 LP Tokens and click Stake Button.
Step 9: You can now see your individual share of $UNO rewards on the dashboard and claim rewards at your convenience. CONGRATULATIONS !