Core Developments

Modeling & Algorithms

In order to secure the proper functioning of the system, UnoRe integrates big data analyses, self-regulating algorithms, and prediction modelling in the UnoRe smart contract.

That way, UnoRe can guarantee the information received from multiple external data sources is used for proper on-time business decision-making.

Repayment Analytics Module

The UnoRe smart contract will automatically record repayments and further accounts for all transactions made by clients.

Interest repayments, outstanding balances, and up-to-date risk profiles by different products are automatically maintained at all times by the system.

Real-time Data Aggregation

The UnoRe partner Oracle:

  • Performs real-time asset valuation based on data from multiple exchanges at any given point in time.

  • Maintains live data aggregation from at least six independent exchanges as sources , which minimizes overall risk for both UnoRe and the client.

  • Detects live changes in asset value and will provide the UnoRe smart contract all data required to do price pairing.

Insurance issuance contracts

When a risk pool is set up, UnoRe smart contract will be responsible for the staking and investing of risks until the completion of the risk pools.

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