Core Architecture

UnoRe will be initially building its EVM smart contract on the Ethereum-based solidity as POC.
Once the development is complete, the UnoRe’s platform will be placed on a decentralized network platform on the Polkadot Network.
We aim to create two front-end interfaces to connect with consumers, which are mainly web and mobile versions of the platform, both connected to our DAPP.
We will be working with Oracle partners for the on and off ramp price feeds and insurance APIs on our DAPP for users who will be investing or collateralizing.

The platform interactions consist of:

The Participants on the Platform Consist of:

  • Modern JavaScript front-end application written in AngularJS with for streaming real-time updates.
  • NodeJS, and Java backend technologies structured in a micro services architecture for easy scaling.
  • Cloud hosting in AWS for deep stack monitoring.
  • Cloudflare CDN and firewall for network optimization and DDOS protection.
  • IPFS for tamper-proof, immutable database management.
  • Polkadot using Substrate as the blockchain solution due to its flexibility of working with various other blockchain projects through their Parachain architecture.
In addition to this, we believe that we need to keep our focus on what we do the best:
To provide the best solution on the platform.
Hence, we will partner with multiple other protocols to reach the desired platform solution.
As we progress our decentralized initiatives, we might even consider building our own blockchain if Polkadot is not able to support our long-term volumes & initiatives.