Linear Vesting & its Working

What is linear vesting?

Linear vesting refers to a linear line showing the unlock percentage of tokens over the specified vesting time. Instead of receiving the entire token rewards, investors, contributors, project members, partners will be able to trade with tokens after a period of time according to the vesting schedule. This strategy protects the interests of the stakers and helps reduce the market price ensuring token value over time.

How does linear vesting work?

UnoRe’s Linear vesting is based on the following formula

UnoRe’s Cohort 1 started on 1st October 2021. Based on the above formula, a staker who would want to claim rewards on the 26th of May would be able to unlock 65.10% of yearly rewards until that day. [(237 days / 364 days)100Rewards]. This system can also be explained through a graph, where the linearity of vesting can be observed closely.

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