How can I vote?

You need to connect to Snapshot with your wallet and fulfil the requirements defined by the voting strategies used by a specific space. For example, you might be required to hold a specific amount of the organization’s token. You can see the voting strategies directly on a proposal’s page in the Information section:

If you don’t understand why your voting power is 0 or how the strategies work in detail, we recommend reaching out to the organization directly. In most cases you don’t have the voting power because you did not hold the required tokens at the time of proposal creation. Tokens which were acquired after the proposal has been create are not taken into account for the voting power calculation.

If you are eligible to vote, you can cast your vote directly from the proposal’s page. Once you select the choice(s) and confirm your vote, a new window will pop up and open your wallet extension in the browser. You will be then asked to sign a message which doesn’t create any gas fees (voting is free of charge) or affect your holdings. Signing the message is the last step of casting a vote. That’s it!

Is voting on Snapshot safe?

Yes. The message you sign in your wallet to cast the vote doesn’t affect your holdings or web3 identity. There are some spaces which are flagged with a warning badge if we suspect them to be fake but you don’t need to worry if you have cast a vote on their proposal. There is no risk to your funds associated with signing a Snapshot vote. You can read more about the badges in our documentation

There is a proposal that's open until tomorrow and I have a new token that was minted today, after the proposal’s creation. Can that token be used to vote?

No. Snapshot calculates the voting power on the basis of proposal creation time. If the token has not been stored in the wallet before the proposal was created it will not be taken into account.

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