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Actuary shall execute the Create Cohort function to deploy a cohort after assessing it for flaws and performing underwriting checks.

Create Cohort

To create a cohort the Actuary calls the createCohort function. This function is only accessible by the Actuary.

createCohort(address cohortFactory, 
             string  name, 
             uint256 cohortStartCapital, 
             address premiumCurrency, 
             uint256 minPremium)

Input variables :

  • _cohortFactory : refers to the smart contract which will deploy the cohort i.e. Cohort factory address

  • name : refers to the name of the to be deployed cohort

  • _cohortStartCapital : refers to the minimum capital required at which the cohort can be started

  • premiumCurrency : refers to the cohort premium pool's digital asset (USDT, USDC, etc)

  • minPremium : refers to the minimum premium amount which the pools should have.

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