Stablecoin Insurance Pool

All the functions called in Cohort contract pertaining to staking into risk pools and withdrawing funds to dispatch claims will call the respective functions mentioned below of the Risk Pool Contract


When the user calls leaveFromPool function from the cohort, the cohort then calls the leave function which processes the user's allocated rewards and remaining of the staked funds back. This function can only by the cohort.

leave(address _to)

Input variables :

  • _to : refers to the address who is exiting the staking pool

Request Claim

When the claim amount exceeds the capital amount reserves in the premium pool the requestClaim function in the cohort contract then calls the requestClaim function of the risk pool contract which in turn processes and transfers the requested claim funds.

requestClaim(address _from, uint256 _amount)

Input variables :

  • _from : refers to the the address of the protocol to which the claims are being processed

  • _amount : refers to the amount amount of claim being processed to the protocol.

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