Discussion Forum

The discourse page for the UNO DAO allows community members to host constructive discussions and list potential proposals to be put up for DAO vote.
Here are some pre-set categories and sub-categories within the UNO DAO forum; each discussion/proposal can be listed under the best fitting category and sub-category by DAO members.
How to list proposals/ host discussions on the UNO DAO Governance Forum?
You can list a proposal on UnoRe Governance Forum by following the steps below:
Go to and click the "Sign-Up" button on the top right corner of your screen:
Create an account with your mail or sign-in with your Google account:
To start a new topic, click on the "New Topic" button:
Then fill out all of the necessary fields for creating a post—including choosing an appropriate title and category—before posting it on the governance forum:
Things to consider before creating a proposal:
  • Before listing a proposal on the UNO DAO governance forum, check each category, and read the descriptions of each category to make sure you create the proposal within the fitting category.
  • Once you have chosen a topic for your proposal, craft a concise title that clearly conveys the proposal's essence.
  • Next, provide a comprehensive description that outlines the potential impact of your proposal on UnoRe's future and the benefits it can offer $UNO holders.
  • Additionally, include a thorough analysis of potential positive and negative outcomes, as well as the costs associated with implementing the proposal.