How to use Cover Portal?

The UnoRe Cover Portal App is finally live on Ethereum Rinkeby testnet! This page will guide users on how to operate and interact with our app.
Before directly jumping in, kindly fill in your info in the whitelist form only after which you will be allowed to be a tester on the app and would be sent Mock $UNO tokens and Mock USDC tokens on Rinkeby Testnet. The dispersals of the $UNO tokens to testers will be done on a daily basis. Please also add Mock $UNO & Mock USDC in your wallet.
If you need ETH for usage on the Rinkeby Testnet, you can get it from the Chainlink faucet and the Official faucet. If you need Mock $UNO, USDC on the Rinkeby Testnet please input the desired token amount infaucetToken function from the Mock UNO contract and Mock UNO contract for $UNO and USDC respectively.

Step 1

Go to the Uno Re Testnet dApp :
Uno Re Homepage

Step 2

Go to the "Buy Cover" section on the above top menu bar
Buy Cover Page

Step 3

Click on "Connect Wallet" and connect your wallet
After connecting wallet users can view
  • Your wallet Balance
  • The entire ERC-20 token list user has conducted transactions in
  • User's current stake in all smart contracts
Buy Cover Page after wallet connection
Note : Please give the apis from 10-15 seconds to load the data.
Note : On the lower section of the website is a list of all insurable and verified protocols. Users can directly click on protocol names over here, put in the USD amount for which they want to buy coverage and proceed.
List of verified protocol list

Step 4

Simply click on the ERC-20 token/Smart contract/Verified protocol on which the user wants to buy insurance and proceed further by clicking the "Next" button
Selecting protocols for insurance

Step 5

Input the USD cover amount and the duration for which you want to buy insurance per product. Scroll down, view the accumulated premium and finalise your cover purchase by clicking on the "Pay" button.
Customise your cover before buying

Step 5

After paying, simply click on the top right user profile button and click on "My Covers" to view your bought covers and their status.
My Covers page
To file a claim user will have to navigate to the "My Covers" page after which they can file a claim by clicking on the "File a Claim" button.