Snapshot Integration


Snapshot is a community build governance tool that allows gas-less voting. Snapshot enables command execution without relying on one particular third-party or having lengthy on-chain voting.

Voting on Proposals

Once a proposal has transitioned from the proposal stage to the snapshot stage, it becomes eligible for voting by members of the UnoRe DAO community.
The snapshot stage is the last step before a proposal becomes active and starts receiving votes from the UnoRe DAO community members. During this period, you can vote for or against a proposal by sending your votes through our governance portal.
Note: Prior to the release of a proposal snapshot, it will be necessary for you to stake your $UNO to exercise your voting rights. It is important to note that staking after the proposal has entered the snapshot phase will not be feasible. Therefore, we advise you to make the necessary preparations and stake your $UNO beforehand.
Here’s how to cast your vote for or against a proposal during on snapshot:
Go to
Search for ‘’UnoRe’’ and click on ‘’Join’’:
Connect the same wallet as the one that houses your veUNO:
Review active snapshots - these are proposals that are open to vote.
Review the proposal carefully; upon making a decision, cast your vote - FOR or AGAINST - and click 'Vote".
Confirm and sign the transaction; and that's it! You've cast your vote and contributed to the development on Uno Re as a Protocol.

Current Voting Strategy

erc20-balance-of : It is based on veUNO balance of Users at the time of the creation of proposal.