Premium Pool

All the functions called in Cohort contract pertaining to protocols depositing premium and withdrawing funds to dispatch claims will call the respective functions mentioned below of the Premium Pool contract.

Rewards to be allocated per user from the premium pool will be allocated via the below mentioned formula

Rewards=(totalPremiumamount/poolCapital)APRofPool/totalAPRofPoolsRewards = (total Premium*amount/pool Capital)*APRofPool / totalAPR ofPools
  • totalPremium : refers to the remaining premium in the premium pool after the cohort ends

  • amount : refers to the amount which the user staked in the risk pool

  • poolCapital : refers to the the amount which the risk pool saved during staking period

  • APR of Pool : refers to the Annual Percentage Rate of the pool

  • total APR of pools : refers to the sum of APR of all pools

Deposit Premium

When the protocol participating in the cohort deposits the premium which shall be allocated to rewards the depositPremium function in Cohort is called which in turns calls the depositPremium in the Premium Pool. This function can only be called via the cohort.

depositPremium(uint16 _protocolIdx, uint256 _amount)

Input variables :

  • _protocolIdx : refers to the protocol ID of the participating protocol in the cohort.

  • _amount: refers to the amount of funds being deposited.

Withdraw Premium

This function can only be called by the cohort contract withdrawPremium. It is called when either the cohort life is over and the user is calling the leaveFromPool function in the cohort contract to get his rewards or when the claim amount is below the capital amount in Premium Pool and hence the claim has to be settled from the Premium Pool capital.

        address _to,
        uint16 _protocolIdx,
        uint256 _amount

Input variables :

  • _to : refers to the protocol address to which the funds are dispatched

  • _protocolIdx : refers to the protocol ID in the respective cohort

  • _amount: refers to the capital amount of claims being processed to the protocol.

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